Who We Are

We are a practice of technical professionals that specialize in the process of software development. We educate development shops as well as accommodate clients by providing solutions, developed and tailored specifically for your business.

Education + Tailored Development = Maintainable, Supportable, & Extensible

What We're Doing Here

Your business needs technical talent that can lead you to the appropriate technical solution within an acceptable amount of time. You need professionals that you can trust, rely on, and that provides superior customer service. If you staff aren't currently up to the task, we're here to help you educate and improve.

When we build software, we use our proprietary software development practices and approach each situation with structure, limiting risk and providing a standard which can be passed on to others with a very limited learning curve.

To empower people to leverage and manage technologies efficiently and effectively, as a socially conscious businesses.

It's Our Mission

We Care

... by building a trusting and meaningful relationship. Every relationship we have is personal and we'll treat you with the same respect and integrity that we treat our own family.

We Focus

... on what's important: communication, artifacts, and unsurpassed craftsmanship. We've resurrected a number of our clients from terrible situations by using our proprietary approach to software development consulting.

We Believe

... in promoting synergy and transparency. We get to know your key staff and build appropriate software to maximize their efficiency, without any smoke and mirrors.

Our services


Interested in what your company can do better, leveraging technology? Invest to stay ahead of your competition.


Your staff (at any level) need coaching, standards, a proven approach to collaborative and agile software development.


You know there are problems, issues, and threats, but you're not sure what and where. We'll search and report.

Custom Software

You know what's wrong and you're ready to dive in. Our team will get to work, designing and constructing the solutions.


Replacing your outdated application systems with new maintainable, adaptable, and extendable. Breathe life into your old systems.

To the Cloud

Cloud hosted solutions with Microsoft Technologies. No extra staff, no extra costs.



Years of c/exp.


Mentoring hrs.


perfect projects


ecstatic users


***rates are negotiable based on company size and revenue stream

***Non-Profits are always #1 priority and we're not apologizing for it.

  • Non-Profit


  • Technology Analysis & Evaluation
  • Technical Guidance and Strategy
  • Database Administration
  • Custom Design & Development
  • Middleware & Reporting
  • Solution Implementation
  • Documentation & Support
  • Business


  • Technology Analysis & Evaluation
  • Identifying Weak Links
  • Enterprise & Web Solutions
  • Security Evaluation & Improvement
  • Integration & Reporting
  • Solution Implementation
  • Documentation, Support, & Training
  • Support


  • Software Maintenance & Mentoring
  • Database Administration
  • Performance Analysis
  • Software & Process Improvement
  • Quarterly Dev. Meetings
  • 10-100 hours of development/mo.
  • Customer Support SLA
  • Educational


  • Research, Analysis & Evaluation
  • Our Proprietary Approach
  • Standardizing your Approach
  • Perfecting the Approach
  • Hiring the proper staff
  • Human Management for Technical Staff
  • Building the Right teams
  • Guide to Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions; Answered.

Q: How many projects have you completed, and how many have been successful?


Since we formed our practice in 2015, combined we've completed over 120 projects for various companies. All of them were successful; our stakeholders received what they expected, on time, and under budget. Sound unbelievable? It's not. When you practice your trade as long as we have, using the right standardized approach, you create wonderful products with the expected results.

Q: How do you know what the right methodology is for our environment?


The people. Psychology and human behavior are the two of the three key factors in every technical environment. Getting to know your people, their skill sets, strengths and weaknesses, and experience will dictate the most effective methodology. Coupled with a standardized, easily adaptable approach to software development, and your company has a team of highly efficient, high performing technologists.

Q: How did you develop your approach to software development?


Brian McDonough has been consulting as a software development professional for over 25 years. In his early years, he noticed patterns of the practice that occurred in every company, during every project, with every technology he used. Fast-forward 10 years, and he began to share what his mentees called "Brianology". This is an ever-growing, ever-adapting methodology and approach to software development that leverages the experiences of developing 1000's of projects and Agile concepts. The approach guarantees your stakeholders are happy and satisfied.

Q: What technologies do you work with, when you're developing?


When we develop software and solutions, we specialize in the Microsoft technology stack. We build enterprise-level software leveraging the .NET framework, the Microsoft Relational Database Management System, your Microsoft network (domain), and offer scalability to Microsoft Azure (aka "the Cloud"). The following list are the most common of the technologies we've worked with, but not limited to.

We Know Development

  • .NET Framework
  • N-Tier Architecture, SaaS Architecture
  • Web Services, WCF, Web API 2.0
  • Web Forms, Windows Forms, XAML, WPF
  • Windows Services, Consoles, Parallel computing
  • ASP .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Responsive Frameworks e.g. Bootstrap, React
  • and the list continues...

We Met Data

  • SQL Azure
  • Microsoft SQL and Access
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) x12

We Interface with 3rd Party Software

  • Office365
  • UltiPro
  • IBM Cognos
  • AIUniversal
  • Facets
  • Sage
  • e-911
  • Satori Bulk Mailer
  • HSP
  • Donor Perfect
  • Bernard Solutions
  • Planet Press
  • and the list continues...
We envision a technical professional-world united; completely understanding the technologies they're working with. A world where those technical professionals are seamlessly integrated into all businesses, being treated as equals to the 'suit', while providing the best, most useful technological solutions they're capable of. A future where technology services are known as a revenue generator and no longer a cost center. Most importantly: we want give back to society.

Our Vision

We're Competent

Active Directory + HRIS/HRMS
Active Directory + HRIS/HRMS
Solutions Come with Artifacts, Read & Reference Yours to Keep
Solutions Come with Artifacts, Read & Reference Yours to Keep
Custom Employee Contact Directory
Custom Employee Contact Directory
IT Operations Tools
IT Operations Tools
Appraisal Order Management Portal
Appraisal Order Management Portal
Maintenance Ticket Management System
Maintenance Ticket Management System




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